Our Story

Peak 7 was born from the idea that a small group of friends wanted to make vodka that symbolizes our great little corner of the world in Denver, Colorado. Whether it is spending time on a sunny patio or enjoying a drink after a day in the mountains, we wanted to make the perfect spirit to celebrate a perfect sunny Colorado day. Our goal was simple – we wanted to make a high quality, easy drinking Vodka that we would be proud to share with friends. We started with the best ingredients, including pure Rocky Mountain Spring water and 100% high quality American grain. Using our hand crafted process we then distill our vodka seven times in our neutral glass still to produce an honest, smooth spirit. We humbly hope that you give our product a try. We know you will not be disappointed.

Here is to good friends and good times!

Our Ingredients

Water makes a big difference in vodka. Our location in the heart of the Rockies gives us an unparalleled advantage. We are able to use spring water from our backyard – the Rocky Mountains in our distilling process. Our spring water is re-filtered to ensure that the foundation of our product is one of the the purest waters in the world.

High quality American distillers wheat and grain are used in Peak 7 Vodka. We use a proprietary blend of corn and wheat to achieve a unique balance of smoothness and taste. We do not include any sugar in our vodka to ensure that we produce balanced vodka that is as good on the rocks as it is in your favorite cocktail.

We keep things simple so that we can deliver our best quality product to you at an honest price.

Our Process

Peak 7 is produced in small batches with a craftmans like pursuit of quality. Our distillers leverage years of experience and the right blend of technology and tradition in order to produce the Vodka that we are proud to share. We are one of the few distilleries in the world that uses an all glass still in our distillation process.  That means that there are no metals and impurities picked up throughout the distilling process, which allows us to create the most pure, crisp, and high quality Vodka. We don’t stop there; next we select only the best part or the ‘heart’ of the spirit to go on to become Peak 7. For the final step in our process, we charcoal filter our Vodka seven times to give it a perfect, smooth taste. Only then do we hand package our premium spirit, which we are excited to share with you.

Our process is not the easiest or quickest way to do things, but it’s the right way.

Our Passion

Peak 7 Vodka is our attempt to share with you all of the enjoyment and pride we get out of living in the American West. We are crazy about our state, our sports, the outdoors, the beauty of our surroundings and the people we call our friends. We hope that our passion to produce an American made, high quality vodka shows through in our product. Give us a try; we know that from the first sip you’ll taste the goodness.

Peak 7….Taste the freshness